Juicing Versus Blending: Which is Better?

Green Smoothie
To blend, or not to blend, that is the question. Whether it is healthier for the body to gulp down the slings and arrows of hard-to-digest fiber, or to take arms against a sea of health problems by drinking juice? Okay, while I could write a sonnet to my juicer, I will spare you the rest of the soliloquy. Which is better: to juice or to blend?

Either way, you are getting an incredible wealth of nutrients. The only difference is how much fiber you’re ingesting, and how the fiber or lack of fiber affects your body.

We know that fiber slows digestion, which is great for dieters looking to feel full on fewer calories. But the argument for juicing versus blending is that by removing fiber, nutrients move into the blood stream faster and the body receives nearly instant fuel. The idea is that when our bodies don’t have to expend energy on digestion, it will spend that energy on repair. And, you’ll consume more vegetables in a juice than in a smoothie.

The argument for blending is that, well, smoothies fill you up and help you stay feeling full. Unless your goal is a cleanse (and no cleanse is easy), feeling full is a good thing.

Personally, I prefer juicing. First, because it’s so good for your body and there’s nothing like a juice cleanse to feel refreshed, inside and out. But mostly because… I think juices taste better. There, that’s perfectly scientific, right?

If you’d like to try out a juice cleanse before investing in a juicer, check out our line of fresh raw juices!

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