Foods to Give Spring to Your Step

Goji berries & cashews

Spring is a time of renewal – but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel run-down from time to time. Fortunately, adding the right nutrients to your diet can help you heal your psyche and your body from the inside out, and there are a few superfoods designed to do just that.


A healthy mind should be your first priority when dredging yourself up out of exhaustion into stable, positive energy. And the first step is to get those Omega 3 oils in there to support brain function with salmon, walnuts, almonds, and flax seeds. One of my favorite easy recipes is to pan fry salmon and top with ready-made mango salsa, served over a bed of greens. Try it!


In order to feel balanced, your body has to find its own blood-sugar equilibrium. That means you can’t stress-eat carbs! Start your day with a smoothie that has hemp protein powder, yogurt, and your favorite fruits. The hemp protein will slow down the carbs as they run through your metabolism giving you sustained energy without spikes or crashes.


Ultimately, health is all about how you feel, and to start feeling great, it helps to give your emotions a boost. Did you know Goji Berries are nicknamed “the Happy Fruit“? It’s one of the top superfoods in the world, not just for making you feel cheerful, but also for its extremely high concentration of antioxidants (which help you look and feel younger and more vibrant). You also need more Vitamin D (we all do); so if you can’t take a long walk on the beach every day, be sure to increase the amount of mushrooms in your diet. Yep, mushrooms are a great source of natural Vitamin D (ironic, since they grow in the dark).

Need a quick boost? Make your own Goji berry and walnut trail mix (maybe with cashews – because cashews are delicious – and dark chocolate chunks for an extra mood enhancer).

Photo by SweetOnVeg on Flickr.

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