Intelligent Musings on Muesli


We’ve been making up big batches of Muesli in the Intelligent Gourmet kitchen this week because it’s so darn healthy! High in fiber, protein and whole grains, it’s a high-octane start to your day.

Let’s take a closer look at some of our “Super” ingredients. 

Coconut & Coconut oil: Promotes weight loss, supports cognitive function, promotes heart health and thyroid function, and strengthens the immune system.

Raw Cacao: High in anti-oxidants which help your body break down environmental toxins, and contains flavonoids which aid cardiovascular health and help prevent cancer.

Millet & Rolled Oats: Both have heart-protective properties, but millet in particular is high in magnesium which lowers high blood pressure. They’re also high in fiber; and fiber from whole grains helps prevent gallstones and possibly breast cancer.

Here are a few more reasons why our Muesli is a SMART way to start your day…

Certified Organic 100%
37% Fruits, Nuts and Seeds
20% of Daily Fiber per serving
7g of Protein per serving
28g of Whole Grain per serving
No Added Fat
No Added Sweeteners
Wheat & Dairy Free

What’s your favorite way to enjoy Muesli? On yogurt? Swimming in almond milk? Or maybe on top of fresh summer peaches.

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    • Thank you so much Susan we are thrilled!
      We would be happy to ship to Oregon for you, send me your zip code and I’ll get a quote on shipping. Can ship in sealed bags to be more cost effective. How many #’s?

      • this does work YEA susan Huff 3345 SW Long Ave Corvallis, Oregon 97333 and when I get back to FLORIDA you are so on, 3 lbs and do you have any cookies you love, do you need my CC# YEA I put you are a partner on my web already!

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