Not So Naked: What’s Really in Store Bought Juice

Rainbow of juices

I just read an article saying what we’ve known all along – the “juice” you buy in stores is nothing compared to what you can do at home with your own juicer (or what we do in the Intelligent Gourmet kitchen!). You simply cannot mass produce fresh, high quality juice. And the Naked Juice brand is no exception.

PepsiCo (owners of Naked Juice) just settled a lawsuit for $9 million for false advertising – it turns out these $4 juices aren’t “all natural” at all. PepsiCo will be removing that claim, and the “Only the freshest, purest stuff in the world” from its labeling. So what is in there? GMOs and synthetic ingredients like zinc oxide, ascorbic acid, and calcium pantothenate (which comes from formaldehyde).

Compare that with our ingredients:

Intelligent Gourmet juice ingredients

And our label:

Arugula Rocket

This week I’m writing a guest post for Hot and Healthy Mom on summer produce juicing recipes, so stay tuned for some great tips!


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