3 Ways to Boost Your Willpower Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving apple pie

I don’t know about you, but as soon as November hits, I feel the Holiday pounds getting ready to pounce. Thanksgiving and Winter Holiday goodies are irresistible – or are they? If you can free your brain chemistry from its dependence on refined sugars and processed carbs, it is possible to look at a delicious Thanksgiving spread without wanting to eat all of it. The secret isn’t so much self control as it is learning how to help your body work better.

Blood sugar, brain chemistry and hormones all influence our abilities to make good or bad food choices – but once you understand that these physiological factors are responsible, you have the power to stay on track with your goals. If you’ve noticed that your self-control is strongest in the mornings, but by 8 p.m. your hand is in the cookie jar – that’s normal. Like any muscle, your resolve wears out over the course of the day. And, studies have shown that if you exercise self-control over too many areas of your life at once, you’ll lose it faster. Don’t try to be too “good” this year – just try to be healthy. Here are some ways to help you do that.

3 Ways to Boost Your Will-Power Before Thanksgiving

  1. Do a mini-cleanse – either by spending three days juicing, or even just avoiding all starches, alcohol and processed foods. The goal is to clean out your system of unhealthy fuels that spike the desire to eat unhealthy foods. Stick with vegetables, nuts, and legumes for at least three days and you’ll feel better able to say no to seconds on pie.
  2. Keep your blood sugar steady with small meals and protein-rich snacks (walnuts, cashews, almonds and pistachios are all nutrition-packed superfoods!), since even a small dip in blood sugar can tip you over into losing control.
  3. Start off on the right foot each day by exercising first thing in the morning, followed by a “clean” breakfast (egg white omelet with spinach is one of my favorites). By lunchtime, you’ll probably want to keep the positive momentum going with a great salad.

Just because the Holidays are here doesn’t mean you have to give up on your health goals – and it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a feast with friends and family either. You can have both!

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